In conversation with our founder Petra & Romy Boomsma

Romy and Petra. Two lovers of beautiful, meaningful things and the great outdoors. Together, they brought the new Positano outdoor collection to life.

Positano in one or two words.

Romy: Funky classics
Petra: Instant upgrade

What is the idea behind this collection?

Romy: When we moved to our farm I had this dream of a garden filled with beautiful fabrics, sitting areas under trees and lots of flowers. Turned out that all there was to choose from in terms of outside fabrics was grey, beige, white and black. My garden dreams were more colorful. And we live in the Netherlands so my dream of a garden filled with beautiful cushions quickly shifted after our first summer of unpredictable weather; I needed something practical as well since I don’t want to move everything back inside every time a drop of rain falls. So we tried to create our dream outdoor fabrics. And I really hope our pieces bring a lot of happiness to gardens and outdoor spaces. That’s what they bring me every time I look at them or see my kids chilling on them.
Petra: All of the above, plus I really love the idea of these cushions starring in memories or family photos. Most of us have these core memories of certain iconic items in or around the house of our parents or friends and I would love for our pieces to fulfill that role as well. A bit sentimental, I know, but every order truly feels like an honor if you think of it that way.

How and with what did you start?

Romy: I messaged Petra, who I had been talking to through Instagram for years, that it was impossible to find beautiful outdoor fabrics and if she please could design them with Palais. Turned out she was already in the process and if I would like to meet up. That’s where our dream of a collaboration started. Our meeting turned into an instant connection and a whole lot of creativity waiting to be poured into outdoor cushions. So we started talking about bringing this collection to life together. Next up were colors, fabric options and designs. This is our third collection together now and I’m so happy with them. I love Petra her sense of style, her work ethic, how she doesn’t compromise if something doesn’t add up to her values in terms of sustainability and how she stays true to herself and what she stands for.
Petra: We were already in contact with our weaving mill at the time and had already sampled the first fabrics so it was a match made in heaven. In the same week, an order was placed with us by a beautiful Relais & Chateaux Hotel for their entire patio/terrace so we were off to a great start.
We've grown together so much since then.

An anecdote regarding this collection you’d like to share.

Petra: The first two collections were photographed in the least summer-like conditions you can imagine. In Romy's garden, the team was wrapped up in big puffer jackets against the wind, cold & rain, trying to keep the wintery trees out of the frame and poor Romy freezing in her summer dresses. This last one was shot in South Africa, where most of the team was already present or local, and was shot in 39C weather, quite the opposite.

Name a remarkable detail of this collection.

Petra: Not only this collection, but the unique qualities of our fabrics are still mindblowing to me.
We did a year-long test at the balcony of our Palais HQ with the very first batch of fabrics a few years back. We kept a cushion outside on the floor for over a year and when we picked it up it was still in perfect condition. It withstood rain, sun, hail, snow, freezing temperatures, heat, and every circumstance you can think of.
They can endure various weather, climates, and spillages. They are very resistant, water- and dirt-repellent without compromising on a very soft fabric feel, all the pieces can be machine washed and have been created to endure the test of time. They keep their vibrant colour in the sun, hold no lingering smells after weather exposure and have been carefully crafted without using harmful coatings.
Romy: And outdoor fringes!

Which item is your favorite and why?

Romy: Hard to choose, we have a custom-sized outdoor mattress ourselves and there are a lot of lazy summer days spent on there. It fits all of the kids and the bright pink Yoko surrounded by greens and flowers is an instant mood lifter for me. In terms of our new collection: I’m in LOVE with our Grass Green Mako print. It gives me such a nostalgic feeling. And the Mako in combination with the Jackie Emerald and fringes makes it my absolute dream cushion.

Petra: I'm in love with our new Rosita pattern, named after the iconic designer Rosita Missoni who was one of the founders of Missoni in 1953.

Working together, what is it like?

Romy: I love it. We’re both very clear in our communications and we both know exactly what we want. But we’re also both soft and caring as well. And we laugh together, a lot.

Petra: FUN. Romy is very creative and pragmatic, a combination I love! We also have mutual trust and respect that helps us keep things simple and clear.