#1 Did you know that...

In the blog "did you know that..." we'd like to take you through some fun facts about Palais. In this blog you will read about fun things like behind-the-scenes events, the meaning behind our various collections and background information about our products. We can guarantee that it will be fun to find out and we hope you get to know us a little better this way.

Did you know that...
our outdoor cushions withstand all weather conditions?

We're often asked if our cushions are really rainproof. The answer is yes. Really? YES!  As a Dutch company, we know better than anyone how important it is to have weather-resistant garden cushions. 

But is it soft? You bet!

Thanks to the multiple filaments with which it is spun, polypropylene has a really soft and luxury fabric feel.

But is it really suitable for the great outdoors?

It is, really. Polypropylene by its nature is (grab a pen, grab a paper)...

  • suitable for outdoor and indoor use
  • free of chemical coatings
  • soft and luxurious to the touch
  • high color fast
  • water- and dirt repellent
  • machine washable up to 40˚C

Yes, polypropylene (PP) is plastic. But not every plastic belongs to the bad guys. As for PP: it is the most energy efficiently produced synthetic fiber and it is very durable, too. And to top it off: our cushions are 100% recyclable (we don't use mixed fibers) and no chemical coatings have been used.

Invite instant colour, texture and durability into reading nooks, cosy corners, and indoor and outdoor living spaces with the highly anticipated Positano Collection. Discover the collection here.