Custom Pleated Linen Curtain Mako Moss
Custom Pleated Linen Curtain Mako Moss
Custom Pleated Linen Curtain Mako Moss
Custom Pleated Linen Curtain Mako Moss
Custom Pleated Linen Curtain Mako Moss
Custom Pleated Linen Curtain Mako Moss
Custom Pleated Linen Curtain Mako Moss

Custom Pleated Linen Curtain Mako Moss

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checkmark This item is handmade

checkmark Our customers rate us with a 9.1

checkmark Always a sustainable choice

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Always a sustainable choice

At Palais we want products to be just as beautiful on the inside as they are on the outside. That is why we work together with the best craftspeople, and use materials that meet strict sustainable and ethical requirements.

Max. height 270 cm

Flowers make everything better, especially Mako’s elegant flower pattern, inspired by sumptuous, summery parks.

Our pleated curtains are expertly crafted from 100% linen, a remarkably robust and durable fabric that lends itself to perfect drapery, ensuring an elegant, graceful fall. The curtains are designed with slightly heavier, light-weight linen, chosen for its strength and its ability to hang beautifully. These unlined curtains offer excellent color retention, ensuring their vividness even after prolonged use.  Explore the quality of our materials! Easily order a fabric sample by clicking here.

Bottom hem: 8 cm
Pleat height: 8 cm
Maximum height: 270 cm

If your desired dimensions are not listed above, please send an email to for a custom request. We love to go the extra mile.

We offer two different installation options:

  • If you choose to measure and install the curtains yourself, you can find measuring instructions below.
  • If you choose our Measuring & Installation service, you can find the process below.


  • Measure the width of the curtain track.
  • If you want the curtain to be split into two unequal parts, measure the left part and the right part separately. To check, measure the total width. After that, order the curtains separately.
  • The atelier makes the curtain slightly wider so the curtain always closes properly.


  • Measure from the top of the track to the point where the curtain should go. This could be the floor, the windowsill or the radiator.
  • Measure in three places, left, center and right. Please specify the shortest measurement when ordering.
  • The atelier will subtract 1.5 cm from the height so that the curtain hangs freely.

General recommendations

  • Always use a metal tape measure for measuring. The tape measure you use should be long enough to measure the entire length or width at once.
  • To measure the height correctly, it is important that the rail is already installed.
  • If a rail is not yet in place, we recommend that it is 25 cm wider than the window on both sides if possible.
  • If you have a new house or are renovating, the floors and window sills should be finished and ready before measuring.
  • Always measure the height in at least three places. Left, center and right.
  • Do you measure differences in height? Then keep the shortest measurement.
  • It is wise to measure twice. That way you avoid mistakes and know for sure that you have measured correctly. 

What sizes do you specify when ordering?
  • You specify the sizes you have measured.
  • Do not subtract or add anything yourself.
  • The atelier makes sure that the curtain hangs away from the floor or windowsill and is made wide enough so that it always closes properly. 

Because this is a made to measure product, we do not accept any returns.

Please note that our Measuring + Installation service is only available in The Netherlands.
  • if you select “Measuring & installation service”, a basic fee for measuring and installing is included in the price shown above.
  • as every situation is different, you will receive a short form after your purchase where you provide us with more details (like location and other specific details).
  • It's essential that curtain rails, floors and window sills are installed when our atelier comes by for measuring your space. If not, your space can not be measured.
  • If you don't have a curtain rail, we can provide one for you at an additional basic cost. Please select “Measuring & installation service (i don’t have a rail)”.

Measuring + installation service process:

  • Complete your purchase.
  • Complete the form that is sent to you.
  • Based on the form we will refund or charge the difference in actual cost for measuring and installing in your specific situation.
  • Our atelier will reach out to arrange a measuring appointment and measure everything in your space.
  • Your curtains are made by hand.
  • Our atelier will reach out to arrange an installation appointment, ensuring a seamless experience from selection to the final touch in your space.
Care instructions

Use a mild specific detergent for coloured items. Make sure that for coloured linen the detergent doesn't contain a brightener (optical blue). This effects a discoloration and staining. Select a warm-water (30˚C) and a moderate spin-drying programme. Always rinse linen well, to prevent oxidation stains. Only wash seperately.

Linen sustains a very hot ironing. The best result is achieved by ironing at the reverse side while still damp or by wetting before. When ironed, the body of linen will be restored.

Fabrics can shrink, sag or discolour due to the influence of weather conditions, heat, moisture and (sun)light, washing and/or steaming. Palais cannot be held liable for this.

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